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Pain and Pleasure

It’s sum-sum-summertime! 

Along with summer come popsicles, ice cream, snow cones and all that is cool and refreshing.  It’s time for BRAIN FREEZE!

 5  Facts and Theories About BRAIN FREEZE:

  1. The  Scientific name for “brain freeze”  is:  Spehenopalatie Ganglioneuralgia . It is caused by nerve pain in a branch of the facial nerve when sudden cold hits the roof of mouth
  2. Also called “Ice Cream Headache”
  3. Cold hits the roof of mouth and constricts the blood vessels and then causes quick return to normal – constriction/dilation = OUCH! Pain!
  4. People that experience migraines suffer more brain freezes with more intensity
  5. Suggested remedies (not very effective) A) put tongue on roof of mouth;B) eat more slowly; C) Put ice cream down; D) Drink a glass of warm liquid (that would defeat the purpose wouldn’t it?)

Good Luck!  Enjoy your smoothie! The pain will pass!