The honor goes to…






Patients wrote kind notes:

Dr. Frings received a  card from a patient: “Thank you Dr Frings for your quick action and concern.

“Thank you Dr Massouh, whose first name means friend, I’ll never forget your kindness.”

Dr Ruta Semaskiene received a thank you card from a medical student,  “Thank you for having me on your service, it was a great experience.  Even though you were super busy you always took the time to explain complex subjects.  You’re an amazing preceptor and teacher, this has been my favorite rotation and want to purse internal medicine.”

Another  thank you card  stated” Thank you Dr Rahman and Ms Stackhouse for all you did for me.”


Our Docs and APPs just keep raising the bar!  Our patients agree – they deserve our October praise! 


Dr. Ludmilla Kaplan,
I just wanted to give this feedback to you, personally, and thank you for doing such a great job with your patients.  Thank you for all you do and for taking the time to sit with your patients.  This truly does make a difference for the patients in their perception of our time with them and our commitment to caring for them. Great job!

A patient comment: ” Dr. Forster  is amazing and provided me with excellent care. “From Dr. Baniewicz CMO – “I am appreciative of all your hard work, but also for the positive impact you have on the culture of our organization.  I know you always put the patients first – and this patient I suspect would agree! ”

Dr. Kellici and all the staff were great!

We have many superstars at MHG, but each month we are privileged to name a few standouts. It takes extra time to sit and listen…to explain and humbly partner with the patient and family toward a positive outcome! CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SEPTEMBER KUDOS STARS!
A letter from a patient to Dr. Iqbal at UH Regional Richmond:
“I want you to know meeting you was a great gift from God to me. I thank you so very much for taking your time so that I am clear on understanding where my concerns are. Once in a while we meet special people on planet earth!  You are … one of these people I have met.” – Patient
Dr. Maatouk has been praised frequently over the last several months regarding the excellent patient care he provides.  These are only two of the letters he received from patients! Thank you Dr. Maatouk, for your superb patient care!  We applaud you!
“Dr. Maatouk, Thank you so very much for taking such good care of me during my surprise hospital stay. I came to the ER with a UTI which progressed to a blood infection (transplant recipient kidney). I am so thankful for your knowledge, kindness and your patience!! You truly saved my life!  I didn’t realize how sick I was and was too focused on going home. I feel 100% better and my follow up…went very well. You are a kind person, I saw that in you! thank you thank you! ”  Patient
"Thank you so much for taking such good care of _____. I know we can be a demanding family but you have been so kind and patient with us. thank you also for going above and beyond to get him the best treatment possible! We appreciate all of your hard work. - Family of patient
From Parma Assistant Nurse Manager re: Dr. Crivelli: 
Patient said he kept her family up to date with everything and explained so they could understand.
Dr. Mookerjee received a wonderful comment from the Clinical Documentation team at Mercy Regional -
 "She has been doing really well answering for the team!"

A patient praised Dr. Gopal at Firelands "Dr. Gopal was especially familiar with my medical history upon his assessment of my condition. He did his homework before seeing me!"


Dr. Luong and Dr. Dean  Patel received heartfelt letters from a patient at  UH Parma –                  

Dr. Hao Luong - "I have to tell you that I was most impressed by your care and interest. You are a fine physician and you made me feel so comfortable talking with you. Most remarkable was the time you spent with me, and really listened to what I had to say or explain about my reasons for the stay." 

Dr. Dean Patel - "Sometimes people get intimidated at the presence of a doctor, but you made me feel very comfortable. You mentioned many things from the intake records that you explained fully and that I could understand. I cannot thank you enough for your time and the amount of time you spent with me was more than appreciated."  

To both physicians: 
"You have helped me in the right direction toward better health with heartfelt advice, which I will surely follow.  Again, thank you for spending your time with me.  I am proud to have met you. I feel the same way about...and all the staff at UH-PMC.  The care is beyond belief." 

At UH Geauga, Dr. Leona Cammock was busy giving her best to her patients - "She was extremely thorough and very kind." Another patient "Dr. Cammock is very warm."  On these  "Top Box Scores" she received 100% ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS! 

At Lake Health, Dr. Chris Shaw received an "Above and Beyond Recognition" for his care of a patient from a family member: " showed compassion and great common sense by discharging her back to her nursing home of the last 5 years and ordering Hospice Care, which was always her wish. Our family appreciates your help. She expired 3 days later in comfort with all of her family at her side. 

At Mercy Regional Medical Center, Dr. Cole Sedar received a "Keys to Excellence" nomination from a patient, "Dr. Sedar very much impressed me by his willingness to take in my questions and concerns then turn around and sit down in my room and talk them over. He always offered new options and showed my needs were what mattered.  I truly respected his opinions." 

This month’s KUDOS FOCUS is on Patient Experience!  Here are the MHG Patient Experience STARS!  June and July scores are not complete yet – stay tuned for more plaudits!

  Image result for 100% Club




Our Stars are the brightest!

Thanks to our physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants for your dedication to your team, your hospital and most importantly, your patients!  YOU make Martin Healthcare Group a great company!

A wonderful group of Residents graduated from Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine (Firelands Regional Medical Center) Residency program. Congratulations Graduates!
Dr. Ruta Semaskiene was appointed to the faculty at Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Site Director and Director of Resident Services, Dr. Wynbrandt thanked the Hospitalists at UH Richmond  for the great feedback he has been receiving from the Regional.  Drs. Farooqui, Iqbal, Islam, Korosec, and of course, Dr. Wynbrandt  play a vital role within the program and it is evident!

AND THE HONOR GOES TO…more and more caring, compassionate individuals – What a team!

  “I want to thank Dr. Kellici for making a huge difference in the stay of a friend…it might seem like a small thing, but she has raved about your compassion for her situation several times. She is grateful that you were kind enough  to share your business card with the statement, ‘Call me about anything.’  She appreciates your thoughtfulness and professionalism. As your Lake Health Team member I too am thankful for your compassion and concern for my friend.” -Director of Physician Services Lake Health

Thanks to Dr. Cole Sedar who  received a “Key for Excellence” because he assisted nursing staff with a bed change with a patient who had seizure and emesis.  I have never seen a physician help with such tasks.  His patient care is “above excellent.”  So lucky he joined our team.  Thanks Dr. Sedar!  

Lynn Stackhouse cared for a patient that had a problem with urology. The wife talked to a patient advocate and Lynn came in and listened and got her husband the help he needed.  Way to go Lynn! That’s what we are here for!

 A patient called to compliment two of our physicians at UH Richmond Regional Medical Center. He said Dr. Khurshid Iqbal and Dr. Marwah Farooqui did a great job with his care! 

From the Nursing Staff @ Firelands: “We wanted to take a moment to recognize Dr. Wassouf for all of his assistance…patient was being discharged…spoke primarily Arabic. Dr. Wassouf took time out of his day to personally explain the discharge instructions to the patient – who was not even a hospitalist patient. He went over and above to ensure the patient fully understood the discharge plan of care.  We greatly appreciate all of his help  and the level of commitment he shows to our patients.  Please express our gratitude to Dr. Wassouf for a job well done.

Patient comment from TriPoint Medical Center “Dr. Wong had a great bedside manner!”   Great work Dr. Wong!  


Image result for month of aprilOur STARS keep  shining! 

Dr. Lagman – “He did a great job of taking the time to explain everything to the patient including why he was here and what they are doing to care for him…went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that he will be well taken care of when he leaves the hospital and not just throwing him back on the street. They are making sure he is placed in a safe environment.”   

Our Geauga Doctors were recognized by their colleagues for some of their winning ways: 
Doctor with the best sense of humor:  Dr. Esho
Doctor who works best with nursing staff:  Dr. Brown
Doctor who is easiest to work with:  Dr. Cheres
Doctor who is most engaged:  Dr. Camock
Doctor who deserved the all-around outstanding award:  Dr. Brown 
Obviously, you are a great group and work well together!  KUDOS! 
Dr. Kellici – “he…was great…they all went over and above to help me.”
Dr. Chris Shaw – “…was very attentive and explained things very well.  It was a good experience.”
Dr. Ataya – Dr. Malone, the President of Lutheran Hospital “I wanted to thank you for going the extra mile to help our patients here at Lutheran. ” and nurses: “Dr. Ataya went above and beyond his job duties to help assist with two of Dr. ___ patients that needed to be discharged. Dr. Ataya was extremely helpful and did both discharges.  I wanted to make sure that you …knew he went above his duties to ensure patient satisfaction for these two patients (one of which was extremely upset with discharge taking so long).”  Thank you Dr Ataya – we are proud of you!


Image result for march windsMARCH Marvels on our team! 
Dr. Kibbe – from a colleague – Dr. Gaspar-Yoo “He’s awesome!  Whenever there is a chance, can he be the one providing coverage for anyone here at Richmond?  He really teaches the residents how to listen and learn form their patients.”
Chris Bittle – “I want to pass along kudos to Chris for his outstanding work in taking over the Practice Manager role at NorthShore!   Way to go Chris!
Dr.  Yuan “I wanted to recognize the wonderful work Dr. Yuan did with her patient and family…she was very compassionate yet honest about the patient’s medical condition.  The patient’s family could not say enough kind words about her.  Thank you Dr. Yuan!

Dr. George Trimble (AGAIN!)  From the nursing staff of Lake Health “Thank you so much for taking the time to sit down with patients and their family members to discuss plan of care.  This makes a world of difference! The nursing staff appreciates your kindness and your willingness to come to the ICU when needed.  You are an amazing physician and your work does not go unnoticed.”  Thanks Dr. Trimble!  You are a star repeatedly!

And Dr. Trimble from Dr. John Baniewicz : “Thank you for the…presentation at the department meeting. Hearing the info from a trusted colleague really helps so much!”



Once again, our doctors have earned praise from colleagues,  hospital leaders and from their  patients. We want to add some praise to that as well!

Dr. Leona Cammock has been named “Hero of the Month” at UH Geauga!  Congratulations for a job well done!
Dr. Peter Kibbe received praise from a colleague at UH Richmond: “He’s awesome! Whenever there is a chance, can he be the one providing coverage for anyone here at Richmond who is on PTO? He really teaches the residents how to listen and learn from the patients.”
The entire hospitalist team at Mercy were honored by the hospital with a luncheon for “exceptional length of stay statistics, coupled with “Top Box” patient experience scores for the group!
Dr. Naraghi was also presented with 2 “Keys to Excellence” one for going out of his way to get a rehab denial overturned and one was from a patient who thanked Dr. Naraghi for “the most wonderful care I’ve had in a long time.”
A patient at TriPoint wrote:  “I have never been to TriPoint before and I had excellent care.  The nurses and the doctors are fabulous!”
 “I wanted to recognize Dr. Stefanac for the great job she did yesterday during a code…Dr.  Stefanac lead the code in such a professional and collegial manner.   I am proud of this team and thought you should be aware…”  -TriPoint Critical Care Manager


Image result for january 2017 KUDOS!

Our physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants are starting the year off well!

Dr. Kondru is a star!  (Fairfield MedicalCenter) From hospital : “Our team would like to thank you sincerely for your exceptional care and concern for ….the team that responded to the Code Assist were so very impressed by your compassion and clinical assessment skills.  You were quick to assess and support.  You were kind, professional and considerate.”   Thank you for making such a difference…from the heart…”

From a patient: ” Dr. Forster (Lake Health) was amazing and provided…excellent care!”  From Chief Medical Officer  “I appreciate all your hard work, but also the positive impact you have on the culture of our organization.  I know you always  put the patients first…”

From a patient:  “Dr. Trimble (Lake Health)…was great!”

YAY TEAM – keep up the good work!  


Image result for DecemberKUDOS!

A big thank you and KUDOS to our scheduling and operations team for their tireless efforts during the holidays to make sure our hospitals are fully staffed and running smoothly!  You are the team that allows the rest of us to do our jobs!  Hooray for you!

Yeah to Dr. Kletter!  “I wanted to take the time to send a quick note to recognize Dr. Kletter.  I was approached this morning by ICU Director of Nursing who said…entire ICU nursing staff was grateful for Dr. Kletter’s hard work on Sunday.  He was responsive, willing to help and placed numerous central lines. She said nurses could not have made it through Sunday without his help. Please let him know his hard work is recognized and much appreciated.”  Marymount Hospital 
Congratulations to Dr. Goudiaby, a house physician at Lutheran Hospital: “… a caregiver celebration award to Dr. Goudiaby…he was wonderful!  He even called the unit to check up on the patients, he provided excellent education for the patient who left ___ and left a detailed note.  I have never had a house officer who was so thorough and checked up on things after the fact.  It was really nice to see.”  


Related image KUDOS!

A huge thank you to Dr. Farag from Dr. Mac. “I wanted to pass along compliments …Dr. Farag’s management of a very difficult patient who had been in and out of Southwest General numerous times. Pt.  was cruel to nursing, physicians and his family, non-compliant with his care and continued to decline.  He passed away but I have heard from nursing, CM and Social Workers about the compassion shown to his family by Dr. Faag.” Keep up the great work!

Congratulations and thanks to Ed Villa from our Northshore Team – “I’m not sure if we ever give feedback to PSI about the good things [your] docs do, but I think Ed Villa should be given credit…offered to help without hesitation….he personally called [the hospital]… and the patient’s nursing home to coordinate the transfer.”

We are also thankful to all of you who serve quietly and faithfully, striving  always to do what is best for your patients, listening carefully, explaining clearly, caring personally and helping them to feel valued.  You make a difference – and we appreciate you! 


Our physicians at Mercy received nominations for “Keys to Excellence”  Dr. Naraghi is such a pleasure to work with. He is very caring and kind with patients. He is always doing what is best for his patients to ensure they receive excellent care. He also is in a good mood when he comes to work even though he works a lot!  He is very much an asset to this facility.”  

Dr. Naraghi went above and beyond the call of  duty for a patient that was possibly going to lose her job…called her job to plead her case and fought for what was right…saw a side of Dr. Naraghi that I didn’t know was there.”  

Dr. Robin Thomas received a note from a patient, as follows, I was a patient at Mercy, words are not adequate enough to praise Dr. Robin Thomas. She is compassionate and generous with her time answering my questions and addressing my concerns” 

Dr. Robert Thomas received this from a patient:  “Dr. Robert Thomas listened to my health concerns – took appropriate steps – was friendly and kind – most of all he let me finish a sentence!  He is a value to your Mercy Team!”  

UH Geauga – Dr. Leona Cammock …Dr. Cammock, who has one of the best bedside manners that I have experienced.  My mom raves to anyone that will listen about the amazing care that she received at Geauga. She now understands what I have been telling her for years about how wonderful Geauga is.”  

Southwest General From Dr. McNamara ,VPMA   “It is not often we hear compliments so I wanted to highlight the great work and compassion.  Keep up the good work, Dr. Farag.” 
“I wanted to pass on compliments received on behalf of Dr. Farag …a very difficult patient, very cruel to nursing, physicians and his family, non-compliant with his care and continued to decline…he passed away and I heard from nursing, CM and Social Workers about the compassion shown to the family by Dr. Farag…”  

Dr. George Trimble continues to receive praise – in a typed letter from a patient’s family – “…more to say than I can write in a card. It’s hard to put into words how my wife and I feel about you and your care of both of her parents…to say you have a warm place in our hearts and our love is an understatement. “Your compassion and caring as well as your openness, guidance and honesty were so refreshing and meant so much as we made some hard choices…know that as we go forward you will always be a part of a very difficult time that was made easier by you and your care.  The staff at the hospital thinks the world of you and there is a good reason for that. You are a beacon of light and give us faith doctors like you still do exist. Please never change the way you practice medicine. It is a breath of fresh air to get he truth and done so in a caring way.  Thank you.” 

Dr. Trimble & Tamaskar received another typed letter from a patient’s family “The expertise, understanding of what my wife was going through, and compassion exhibited by all caretakers is greatly appreciated by me and my family…the expertise of Drs. Trimble and Tamaskar prevented her passing at that time…allowing her to return home, to be surrounded by her children and me. It is impossible to express the gratitude we feel…” 


Image result for September

go to Dr. George Trimble! Our Doctors love their patients!


 …and to Dr. Ruchi Dash @ UH Ahuja

“I had a patient and his family who had a wonderful experience here with Dr. Dash. They stated she was very attentive, personable, went above and beyond for the care of the patient. The husband had a biopsy… still awaiting results but they said the care she gave made a horrible time much easier to take. I think the best compliment they gave Dr. Dash, is they said she had a very strong and kind heart! I wanted to make you aware of this because her care had such a positive impact on this family. Kudos!”

hot-weatherIn August 2016, we had HOT days and nights, but our Docs continued to excel! 

Dr. Lindbloom was praised by hospital staff: “…how much I truly appreciated Dr. Lindbloom’s help this week.  As the #1 physician on the schedule he has gone above and beyond in his duties…schedule changes…picked up patients…he is truly an asset to this program and I hope he stays at Firelands for years to come.”  Hooray Dr. Lindbloom!  We appreciate you!  

At Fairfield, ” We would like to express our appreciation to Jordan[Dodge, NP] for his care of our patients on 6 North Psychiatric, and he has also had several positive compliments from patients and staff!”  Way to go Jordan! 

Dr. Erdman received recognition this month for spending an extended period of time talking with and calming a very seriously ill patient who did not want to be transferred – and showed much heartfelt concern.  The patient she finally agreed to be transferred.  Thank you Dr. Erdman for your compassion! 

We received this too late in July to mention Dr. Kletter – but received this regarding his care of a CCU patient.   “The patient was pain free by the end of the night shift thanks to Dr. Kletter’s expertise. The CCU night shift nurses really appreciate Dr. Kletter.”   Two of the Administrators  at Hillcrest also said the staff has nothing but good things to say about Dr. Kletter.   We are so thankful for your dedication Dr. Kletter! 

In July,
Dr. Tinatin Narsia and Dr. Olumuyiwa Sowunmi yayreceived 100% scores in Billing and Coding!  

Congratulations to Dr. Narsia (UH Ahuja) and Dr. Sowunmi (UH Elyria)!!!!  They will both receive a $100 gift card!
KUDOS also goes to  Dr. Naveen Gopal at Firelands for his compassionate behavior with the  wife of a gravely ill patient in ICU.  He took time to explain honestly what was happening and offered what she needed. “He did not rush, but continued  to hold her hand as she processed the information he was sharing with her.  The compassion and sensitivity provided by Dr. Gopal was outstanding!”  When presented with a “Star Performer” Award, he merely said, “I was just doing my job.”  Thank you Dr. Gopal for doing far more than your job. We appreciate you!


In June our docs went “above and beyond”

Dr. Karan’s patient:  “Dr. Karan is awesome!”

From Skokie “…between Dr. A, Dr. Micic and Dr. Haq, all I can say is WOW.  They have been outstanding to work with this past week.  Notes and billing are all in order…clear, concise & timely.  They have been doing so many admits every night and keep coming back…It is a pleasure to work with them!  Thanks for your dedication and hard work!  It shows! 

 “Dr. Trimble has the best bedside manner of any doctor I have ever seen”  – a patient

And Dr. Menolasino Hospitalist Site Director @ Lake Health – received a note from the CEO 

Thanks to Dr. Menolasino2



And again in May – our Docs Rock! 

hip-hip-hooray-front_4From a patient’s wife and family: Dr. Trimble:  “From the bottom of our hearts…we thank you for all the help you gave _____. You understand all our feelings…”

Congratulations to Dr. Susan Skef – Selected by UH Geauga Medical Center as a June 2016 “Hero of the Month!”  “We appreciate your commitment to our patients and the families we serve. Your contributions help make UH Geauga Medical Center the amazing facility that it is today!”

To Dr. Karan:
Karan May

From a patient: “Dr. Bertalan was meant to be a doctor. I never had a doctor that would pull up a chair, sit down and talk slowly.”

Dr. Villa – “We need to recognize Dr. Villa for his work on the night shift. He is c concise, accurate and thorough with his workups, completes a full history and physical on his patients every time, and shares updates so we know what is needed for follow up!”  Thank you for all your hard work! 

Dr. Perisetti (Mercy Regional Medical Center) got Star A good drPerformer nominations from nursing for exhibiting  “ACE attitude and compassion after a code”  and from Area Director Case Mgmt “for always going over and beyond to care for our rehab patients…Dr. Perisetti was mentioned by name on the Press Ganey survey’…he is a top-quality physician who took EXCELLENT care of my mother and family!’  Outstanding job! We appreciate the partnership! Thanks for all you do daily!”
Dr. Naraghi (Mercy Regional Medical Center) received a note from a patient’s family: Naraghi-Mercy-2b





And also Dr. Naraghi received a commendation from Medical Staff office: Naraghi-Mercy-1

And both Dr. Naraghi and Dr. Asad were praised by 1 west team:

Every morning in our staffing huddle on 1 west we go over the plan for the day and one of the things I ask is if the staff has anyone they would like to recognize. The night shift staff was quick to mention your names Dr. Asad and Dr. Naraghi.

Dr. Naraghi they were very grateful for the quick responses they get from you when they call you and the kind way you interact with others.

Dr. Asad the staff is so thankful for the great job you do at night every time you work. You are always helpful, respectful and kind. They have confidence that no matter what happens that you will support them in tending to the needs of the patients.

Thank you for everything you do for our patients and for showing your support to the nurses! It’s such a great example of professionalism and teamwork.

And Dr. Wong stepped in to help at just the right time. A Nurse wrote:

The patient was discharged.  The discharge was suddenly postponed, when the patient needed to go to West for a procedure.  The patient was upset, and when the family came in close to shift change, questions needed to be answered beyond my scope of practice. I called Dr. Wong, and he met the family with a smile on his face during shift change.  I know any of our hospitalists would do the same, but at that critical moment it was Dr. Wong.  I would like to thank Dr. Wong and all of our hospitalists for their work with our patients and families.

 March 2016 KUDOS-

Compassion & Humility 
Once again, the kindness of our physicians exemplifies our mission.  Thanks to Dr. Cheres, who  nurses observed with an …”knelt down beside the patient’s bed, and held her hand as he spoke to her. ”  Caring ways
“This story is a prime example of the impact…not only on our patients, but as a role  model for our staff as well.”  – Hospital Administrator 
“The care we received when my wife was admitted to the 4th floor was amazing.  It was like we were family.  Dr. Forster was great!”

To Dr. Trimble from  Administration : “Please see the attached.  The time you spent, the compassion you showed by reading a book to a patient is truly above and beyond – this speaks beyond “doctoring – it reflects your character and values.”  I truly thank you… 

Patient Note for Trimble II copy

Nurses report: “Dr. Repenning discovered elderly patient was taking over the counter interactions that were causing delirium.”  “This case highlights that for best patient care we work as a team with our colleagues….hospitalists…PCP’s or consultants.  Congrats to Dr. Repenning who we now know as “House!”
The Billing Dept received a call from a patient who stated Dr. Massoomi was the best Doctor she had ever been to, and she wanted to make sure he is recognized for his great bedside manner and his calmness.




Dr. Karan received a letter of commendation regarding a survey notation from one of her patients “Dr. Karan was very concerned about me, had wonderful bedside manner and was comforting.”
Praise from the night nurses at UH Ahuja! “I want to recognize our night hospitalists [Dr. Roth, Dr. Alers, Dr. Wang] for their generosity towards our staff.  UH, being a teaching hospital, should be proud to have them as educators.  They are approachable, treat the staff with respect and respond promptly to pages, codes, and even general medical questions.  Hooray for Dr. Roth, Dr. Alers and Dr. Wang!  
A patient called our office and emotionally told a billing  staff member  that he had never been seen by a doctor who treated him as well as Dr. Cheres. He wanted to make sure we knew what a great doctor he is!
and from Press Ganey….

A patient from UH Geauga completed a Press Ganey survey with these answers : ALWAYS

And then added a hand-written comment:  “The Best!! Thank you for your help on my unexpected visit.” 




“Monica Koczan not only decorated the office for Valentine’s Day and provided holiday treats for her doctors…out of the goodness of her heart…Monica has made a great connection at UH Richmond with her doctors and UH Richmond staff!”  WAY TO GO MONICA! 

And THANK YOU to everyone in Operations, Accounting, Billing, HR and Administration – for keeping it all running smoothly and for providing the environment that leads to excellence! 


Congratulations go to Dr. George Trimble @ Lake West! A note from a patient’s family says, “It’s not very often you meet a doctor who leaves such an impression, but you did!  You listened to my grandma and showed her such kindness.”  And from a patient, “Thank you for all you did and for your  guidance while I was in the hospital…”
And the WHOLE TEAM AT LAKE WEST –  from a patient survey, “I want to give everyone… praise for the top of the line care and professionalism that I experienced at Lake West.”  

That’s what MHG Patient Experience is all about!  



October 2015  The GOOD NEWS keeps pouring in! Congrats to Dr. Ludmila Kaplan for being named “Hero of the Month at UH Geauga Medical Center for going above and  beyond in the care of our patients. Dr. Kaplan, thank you for all you do for patients in the Geauga clinical network. We truly value your dedication…”   the good news keeps pouring in! From a patient’s daughter: Dr. Lenhard “She was absolutely outstanding…so efficient…her bedside manner, knowledge and follow up  was impressive. She was very engaging and informative.”  

And from Lake West Nurse Manager, “Our hospitalists here are just wonderful. Dr. Campbell is so warm and always wants to help, Dr. Roth has been outstanding; such a great communicator. He has shown compassion and understanding not only to his patients, but also towards staff!”

downloadSeptember 2015  Once again our Physicians, PA’s and NP’s are the subjects of praise!   4th floor staff @ LAKE …”simply top-notch” “Dr. Erdman explained…answered questions..provided support…” Dr. Menolasino really impresses us with his nearly immediate response to pages/willingness to answer…direct approach to issues.” “Dr. Todorinov truly went out of his way in making himself available to our family..” “Compliments to physician team…Dr. Lagman was excellent.,.he listened to me..” “my aunt had good things to say about Dr. Forster”

@ AHUJA “The sixth floor would like to recognize Dr. Frate for going above and beyond for his patients and nurses. During a code white on our floor, Dr. Frate never left patient’s side, even assisted transporting patient to ICU. He is very approachable and we appreciate having him on our team!”

@ FAIRFIELD – Dr. Ghita “a pleasure to work with…very polite and quite reasonable on the phone, especially with outside transfers.. after an appropriate denial of admittance, Dr. Ghita thanked HVCH for calling, stated that he will always welcome a call back if there are more questions and to consider FMC for their transfers.”



KUDOS CORNER CONGRATULATIONS to members of our clinical staff for a job well done! The glowing remarks from our patients are pouring in again this month!

 August 2015:kudos“Dr. Trimble and Dr. Campbell were awesome! They did a wonderful job. Always took the time to answer questions.”

A patient’s wife wrote to Dr. NasheriPatient Thank you card - Marry Smith


A retired hospital executive was under Dr. Wong’s care.  He  and his wife,  who is a physician, were both very impressed with Dr. Wong’s knowledge, respect and skill. They had a great deal of praise for him on every level.    
July 2015:           Our Doctors care…and it makes a difference! 
“So in these days, when you only hear the “bad” things, I wanted you and your hospital to know …there are good people who are caring and treat the patient as a human being with a family that cares for them.”
Dr. Frate –“… Dr. Frate, hospitalist, was the most caring, compassionate doctor… listened to my mother’s wishes and actually asked if my sister and I needed anything to help us get through this difficult time.  He was WONDERFUL and I couldn’t have asked for a better physician caring for my mom. He spent time with my sister and I explaining what would happen, made sure we were ok emotionally and if we needed anything.  He went out of his way to get my mother into a beautiful hospice close to my house for easy travel and care that would be acceptable for her…” 

Dr. Nasheri – “…family appreciates how he discussed test results and spent time with them. He was always kind and caring.”

Dr. Trimble –  “…never had such a positive experience in the hospital before…would like to thank Dr. Trimble and…for providing excellent care.  They both took the time to explain things to him and calm some of his anxiety.

Dr. Lagman – Sun Evening patient – keep up the great work!

Dr. Kundu – “…he was very pleasant and personable to staff, and when he talked to my patient and husband he was even better. He explained the disease process to them and even drew a diagram on white board…” 

Drs. Erdman, Menolasino, Forster, Todorinov – an email from the niece of a patient at TriPoint Hospital – “thank you for the role you played to make this a good experience…”  Teamwork is everything! 

“The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.”  – Albert Schweitzer 


June 2015
“Dr. Erdman…was very kind and communicative…she took a great deal of time explaining…it was a positive experience. ”

A patient of Dr. Campbell was “very impressed…thought all of the hospital staff did a fantastic job!”

Dr. Karan received a card from a patient’s family “Joy is….how you made my mom feel. You are a wonderful doctor and person. We all enjoyed your visits and the way you explained things and kept us informed.”

“TriPoint was the greatest hospital…would also like to thank Dr. Stefanac for doing a great job…very impressed with her care.”


May 2015 
Brown-3-200x300Dr. Aaron Brown was honored as “Hero of the Month by the nursing staff of UH Geauga Medical Center  at the annual Nursing Excellence Awards Ceremony.
The Hero of the Month award is granted to individuals who  exhibit outstanding performance and strive to go above and beyond in the care they provide to patients. Dr. Brown was the only physician to be granted the award this year.

Congratulations Dr. Brown!